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Guide on how to start using OsmSharp?


I installed the OsmSharp package via Nuget but now what? The documentation here is all over the place but no simple instructions on where to start. I also downloaded the whole source code tree and built that in Visual Studio. I tried running the solution once I had figured out which was the only runnable project among the 15 or so projects in the solution. But again no clues on what you can do with the app - it doesn't appear to do much. Basically I would like to start by beiing able to geocode some addresses. I've looked at the Nominatim API but this is just an interface for a separate service that I can call via the internet or build on a separate non-Windows server - it seems to have little to do with OsmSharp. What is the point of all those packages Nuget installed?

It's classic problem with these kind of projects: overwhelm the new user with tons of stuff but not guide them on how to start. I saw someone else's plea for code samples here but the response was too complicated and didn't deal with geocoding. Give us some very simple "Hello World" type examples of how to use OsmSharp preferably with no more than a few lines of code please.